Goal 1:

1.    Ensure continued and stable economic growth

2.    Ensure an alignment and suitability between funding capacity and development work

3.    Zone and cross border economic development

4.    Quality human resource development

5.    Entrepreneurs development

6.    Enhance relationship, cooperation and connectivity with the region and the globe

Goal 2:

1.    Continue rural development, poverty addressing and improve living conditions.

2.    Education for all with quality

3.    Health services for all with quality

4.    Improve social welfare and access for all

5.    Develop and preserve unique ethnic tradition and culture to link with the tourism

6.    Political stability and strong ensuring; secured, fair, transparent and order society.

Goal 3:

1.    Sustainable environment and natural resources conservation

2.    Cope with natural disaster impact and climate change

                      3. Reduce instability of agricultural production caused by natural disaster