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·         The population increased to 303,845 with an annually growth rate of 1.85%

·         Develop at least five big villages to become small towns, 100 % elimination of villages classified as poor, and reduce the proportion of poor families to less than 2%.

·         More than 85% of villages classified as developed village, and Xaychamphone district and Bolikhamxay province officially declared free from poverty in 2020.

·         Improve and establish public and private vocational schools to reach Asian standards.

·         At least 55% of children aged 3-5 year are enrolled in kindergarten and pre-school.

·         Less than 2% of school drop-out and exam failure for all level of education.

·         More than 95% of the primary school graduation realized.

·         At least 99% of enrollment in primary school achieved, 95% in lower secondary school and 65% in higher secondary school.

·         Province to be declared for passing the lower secondary school education in terms of training provision level, and measles eradicated in the year 2017.

·         Inequality between boys and girls in education eliminated.

·         Physical exercise and sport is a normal practice for all walks of life.

·         Public hospitals attain ASEAN’s standard.

·         80% health insurance coverage.

·         Rates of under-nourished children and child mortality (under 1 and five) to pass the standard.

·         Maternal mortality below 30 per 100,000 deliveries.

·         Clean water and latrine utilization reach at least 95%.

·         At least 95% of villages are model health villages, and 90% of families are model health families.

·         Another 72 villages established as cultural villages, 85% as cultural families and 2 divisions as cultural divisions.