·   Annual economic growth rate of at least 7.8%

· GDP of 6,682 billion kip by year 2020 and capita incomes averaging 21,979,000 kip (USD 2,730).

·  Average per capita gross national income (GNI) of USD 2,320.

·  Agriculture sector growth of 3.5% per annum, and a 36% share of GDP or 2,405,52 billion kip.

· Industry sector growth of 10% annually, and a 34% share of GDP or 2,271.88 billion kip

· Services sector growth of 8.8% annually, and a 30% share of GDP or 2,004.6 billion kip

·  Revenue collection increased by at least 12% per year

·  Export increased by 26.2% per year

· Rice production increased annually by 157 tons per year, and average consumption rate per person reaching 457 kg annually.

· Expand animal production by 3% annually, including cattle by 2%, buffalo by 1%, Pig by 4%, poultry by 4% and fish and aquatic animal by 4-5%.

· Expand rearing of each far animal species to cover 15% of all farms. 

· Promote organic vegetable production to at least 25 ha.

·         Encourage tree plantation of 1,000 ha per year, collect 1,000 kg of tree seed per year, and produce more than one million saplings.

·         Upgrade at least 37 permanent irrigation schemes, and 36,000 m of canals to irrigate up to 10,056 ha, incl. 7,800 ha for dry season.

·         Clear and expand 600 ha of rice field in the areas of Phoukham, Xiengleua and Donxat.

·         Improve, repair and construct bridges and roads to be of Asian standard.

·         Expand piped water supply (Nam PaPa) to cover at least 50% compared to the number of household in the districts’ town areas and big villages.

·         Increase revolving volumes of goods inside the province amounting to 656 billion kip, increase export values averagely 160 billion kip per year and 224 billion kip for import.

·         Complete 2 hydropower plant constructions and increase electricity coverage to 98% of households.

·         Attract 140,000 tourist annually to Bolikhamxay province.

·         Achieve 100% coverage of telecommunication in rural villages and achieve telephone ownership by 90 out of 100 people

·         Establish production and service cooperation groups in all districts.

·         Develop crime villages free up to 99% and 95% for family free from crime.

·         Establish at least one provincial park in Pakxan town to promote the town as green, clean and fresh.

·         Recover, maintain and preserve a forest cover of 70%.

·         Rearrange, manage, inspect and reduce impacts on natural resources and environment, turn this work as part of all walk of life for generating income.